Boosting McDia Feliz's Impact Through Streamer Integration




October 13, 2023

Boosting McDia Feliz's Impact Through Streamer Integration

In today's digitally-driven world, the most successful marketing campaigns are those that forge genuine connections with their audience. When Uplify partnered with McDonald's Brazil for the 35th anniversary of McDia Feliz, that's precisely what we aimed to achieve. Here's the story of how our collaboration brought the message of McDia Feliz to over 300,000 viewers, leveraging the power of live streaming and the passion of Brazilian streamers.

The Backdrop: McDia Feliz

For those unfamiliar, McDia Feliz is not just any event. It's a commitment from McDonald's to better the Brazilian community. Through McDia Feliz, McDonald's supports the fight against childhood cancer, funding the noble initiatives of the Ronald McDonald Institute. Additionally, the campaign contributes to quality education for the youth by backing the efforts of the Ayrton Senna Institute.

The Challenge

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of such a significant event required a unique approach. In a country as diverse and digital as Brazil, reaching a wide audience, especially the younger generation, required a medium that resonated with them.

Enter Uplify

With prior experience in promoting fast-food giants, Uplify was well-positioned to elevate McDia Feliz's message. Our successful collaboration with Taco Bell in April 2023, where we bolstered the brand's appeal among GenZ with an Xbox giveaway, had already demonstrated our capability.

For McDia Feliz, over 120 streamers joined forces with Uplify. These internet influencers, with their massive following, became the brand ambassadors for McDia Feliz. The result? Over 300,000 viewers not only saw but engaged with McDonald's initiative.

The Result

It's one thing to see an ad and another to experience it. By integrating McDonald's message into the streams, we ensured that the McDia Feliz campaign wasn't just seen, but felt. Viewers witnessed their favorite streamers advocating for a cause they believe in, creating a genuine connection between the brand and its audience.

Looking Ahead

Our collaboration with McDonald's Brazil stands as a testament to the power of modern digital marketing strategies. As we continue our journey, our experiences with global fast-food chains like Taco Bell and McDonald's solidify our belief in the potential of influencer marketing.

With tools like Uplify, brands can go beyond traditional advertising, forging meaningful relationships with their audience. Share your thoughts and start your next marketing journey with Uplify. Reach out to us at

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