Uplify updates for November 2023




December 19, 2023

Uplify updates for November 2023

TL;DR: In November 2023, significant changes were made to the tools for streamers under agency conditions. Improvements were implemented in the functionality of interactive formats, adjustments were made to the top visitors' data in Uplify Link, and numerous minor bugs were fixed.

Uplify Link improvements

The logic of displaying the top visitors has been updated

The top list can now be viewed for today, the current week, or the current month. The top is refreshed once an hour, and this update is associated with the database update, resulting in some streamers having empty lists due to the absence of data.


  • Adjusted the placements of several banners.
  • Fixed an issue where visitors were not displayed in the top list, particularly affecting streamers with a large number of visitors.
  • Addressed an error related to displaying Trovo livestream.

Platform improvements

  • Interactive format now allows integrating multiple campaigns during a single broadcast. When the limits of one end, the next one automatically starts.
  • Correct display of Mexican currency.
  • Rectified the display of referral promos that could lead to alert freezes in the widget.
  • Fixed an issue where payment history was not displayed in the Wallet section.
  • Corrected bugs related to closing floating windows with campaign information in Safari.
  • Addressed an bug in displaying Chinese characters in income analytics.
  • Updated information on the referral program.
  • If there are no transactions in the current month, data from previous months can now be viewed.
  • Text interface adjustments.

Updates for Partners

Marketplace for streamer manager and agencies

Overhauled the marketplace for sponsors, agencies, and stream managers, allowing them to effectively manage sponsorship campaigns and further monetize streamers.

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