EGS 2023: An event for all gamers




December 22, 2023

EGS 2023: An event for all gamers

The 2023 edition of the Expo Game Show (EGS), held November 17-19, was a resounding success. The event drew more than 40,000 attendees, including gamers of all ages and experience levels. One of the highlights of EGS 2023 was the variety of activities and attractions on offer. Attendees were able to enjoy esports tournaments, virtual reality zones, demos of new games, and much more. In addition, EGS 2023was attended by a large number of brands related to the gaming industry. These brands took the opportunity to present their products and services to the gaming community.

Uplify's presence at EGS 2023 

One of the participants at EGS 2023 was Uplify, a platform that helps content creators monetize their work. Uplify offers a variety of tools and services, such as video monetization, product affiliation, and event ticketing. During EGS 2023, Uplify's booth offered content creators the opportunity to learn about the platform's features and how they can use it to increase their revenue.


EGS 2023 was a successful event that demonstrated the growing interest of the gamer community in Mexico. The event offered a variety of activities and attractions for all tastes, and was attended by a large number of brands related to the gaming industry.

Uplify's presence at EGS 2023 was a unique opportunity for Mexican content creators to learn about a platform that can help them monetize their work and grow their careers.

Gaming Partners

Gaming Partners was founded in 2002 with the mission to help consumer brands connect with gaming audiences. Since then, we have worked with some of the world's leading brands.

Our experience and knowledge of the gaming industry allows us to create marketing campaigns that are effective and relevant to gaming audiences. Our approach focuses on three key pillars:

  • Innovation: We are constantly exploring new ways to reach gamer audiences. This includes the use of emerging technologies, such as virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • Inclusion: We believe that video games are for everyone, regardless of age, gender or location. Our campaigns are designed to reach a wide range of audiences.
  • Social impact: We are committed to using our reach to promote positive social causes. Our campaigns will partner with organizations working to improve the lives of gamers.Some of our most recent projects include:
  • The creation of a virtual and in-person tournament that allowed consumers to experience brands and their products in a new and exciting way.
  • A gaming marketing campaign for one of the country's leading department stores that focused on diversity and inclusion in the gaming community.
  • A partnership with a charity that works to combat child trafficking, which used the gaming platform to educate young people about the importance of this issue.We are excited to continue working with consumer brands to create marketing campaigns that are effective and relevant to gamer audiences. We believe video games are a powerful platform for connecting with today's consumers, and we are committed to helping brands harness this power.

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