Monetise your content any way you want

Uplify makes it easy for creators to monetise their content as audience grows and create new authentic content that followers will love

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How does Uplify work?

Integrate Uplify to your streaming software like OBS Studio, SLOBS, XSplit, and many others.

Start a stream and do only what you love.

Earn money each time your viewers see offers.

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How it looks like

Full screen video

Mid-roll placed in live stream on full screen

Video in a separate window

Mid-roll placed in live stream on 1/4 screen

Customized solution

Multi-format creative in a live stream on any visible area of the screen

Trusted by over 100 brands

Made for your live stream business

You Live Only Once

Control your life and bring your creative ideas to live streaming.

Be independent

Stop searching. Start earning to keep your live stream business running.

Grow your community

Reinvest funds to grow your community in a sustainable way.

Save hours on offers control

Focus your time and energy on add value to your community.

One place to grow your channel

Find, approve and manage offers to find the most efficient way to increase your wealth and audience.

Measure your success

We help you understand you audience with in-depth analytics like engagement, countries, languages and demographics.

Choose your brand

You can browse offers from games to products based on what match to your channel better.

Use multiple channels

Uplify supports Twitch, YouTube BETA and Facebook Live BETA, so you can get paid on all support platforms.

Know how much you will make

We track your offers and results to make sure your earning are accurate.

Monthly payments

You can work with as many offers as you like and get a single pay check.

Variety of offers

You can work with offers based on fixed fees, sponsorships and affiliates deals.

Data transparency

We provide you a simple and clear income report.


offers completed

$ 458 323

paid to streamers

Trusted by 1000+ streamers

Restream allows us to be visible to all our audiences. I’m easily able to stream to Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube so our audience can join us on their favorite platform.


Solution for streamer's partners

Whether you are an esports organization or broadcasting studio, personal manager or agency representative, we will be happy to work with you directly on your streamers' earnings.

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