Media sponsorship at the heart of the livestream

Uplify offers an all-in-one media solution for managing in-streaming multi-format sponsorship tools and enriched audience data.

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Trusted by over 100 brands

Live stream is connected

Live streams are massive, influential social hubs connecting people and building communities

3+ million

Average viewers at any given moment

1+ trillion

Minutes watched in 2020

150+ campaigns completed

The sponsorship campaign swept through the audience of more than 40 streamers like a hurricane! Within a few days of campaign impressions, the viewability reached 100%. As a result, CTR exceeded KPI by 200%


Campaign viewability


Streamers showed campaign


Exceeded the CTR plan


More than 150 streamers showed «Spotify» sponsorship campaign. In a few months of the campaign impressions to the american audience, viewability reached 100%, and the CTR of the campaign exceeded the KPI by 150%!


Campaign viewability


Streamers showed campaign


Exceeded the CTR plan

Use Uplify on every step of livestream sponsorship & analytics

100% viewable, scalable, verified

Live stream creators' content available for traditional sponsorship media buying.

Always viewable

Non-blocking and non-skipping formats with 100% visibility.

3rd party verified

Brand safety, campaign verification, audience verification, and fraud prevention with all major tracking companies.

Advanced analytics

View real time detailed campaign analytics integrated with standard display metrics.

Reach audience in one of the biggest livestream sponsorship networks

Licensed and streaming content in
categories: music, communication, anime, games, interactive, esports.

Fully programmable

Contract negotiation, full relationship management, in-depth campaign reporting and payment – all managed by us to let you save your precious time.

Data-driven strategy

Channel-specifics, audience interests, brand affinity, demographics and much more goes into the detailed planning and set-up of your  campaign.

Brand-safe inventory

All content makers get pre-moderated after the registration. Uplify monitors partnership integrations placements to guarantee appropriate content and prevent guidelines violation.

Reach your ideal audience

Select, approve and manage offers to find the most effective way to increase your wealth and grow your audience.

A/B test everything

Quickly split audiences and find winning integrations variation for each audience.

Transparent pricing

Clear and transparent pricing with no hidden costs combined with a direct sourcing strategy ensures that your bookings and returns are efficient.

Get started your way

From media planning to budget estimation and campaign optimization, be guided by our managed service team or take complete control on our self-service platform.

How does Uplify work?

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Sponsorship Creatives That Engage and Convert

Product Placement

Engaging motion videos seamlessly integrated into live streams in a non-disruptive format, garnering high visibility.


Utilize tailored integration formats to create memorable and captivating experiences, complete with customized branding, interactive features, and exclusive sponsorship opportunities.


Attention-catching mid-roll advertisements, strategically placed within live streams, occupying one-fourth of the screen in a picture-in-picture format.

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