Referral program

If you enjoy our services and want to share with friends and other streamers, you can earn a bonus by referring others to Uplify.

How it works

When someone signs up for Uplify using your referral link, they immediately receive a $25 welcome bonus. In return, once the person you refer makes 5K impressions with the Uplify's overlay, we give you $25.

There’s no limit to the amount of referral bonus you can earn.

☝️ Referral links are unique to each user, so use the referral link from the appropriate account. You cannot transfer the referral bonus to other accounts.

Referral link

Your referral link is in your account on Referrals page.

The Invite friends section has your unique referral link and an option to Share via Twitter or Facebook directly.

Promotion on a live stream

As an option, you can promote your referral link during a live stream.

A promotion banner will be displayed no more than 1 time per 2 hours in a nice non disruptive format.

Twitch panels

You can also add a Twitch panel under the player with a livestream to link viewers directly to your referral URL.

The Twitch panels section has three banners to choose from.

Referral stats

The referral page has statistics about your link, including the date of referral registration, referral bonus payment status and the number of impressions until a referral will reach 5K imps.

You can also see how much money has been applied to your account and how much money is pending from referrals who haven’t met the impressions threshold yet.

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