How to successfully promote your stream in 2023




January 23, 2023

How to successfully promote your stream in 2023

We've already covered in one of the earlier articles what resources you should invest in if you want you to be noticed as a streamer. But what happens if patience has absolutely nothing to do with you? Hence a variety of quick promotion techniques along with ingenuity are used.

You shouldn't expect to somehow get hundreds of actual viewers for free since Free advice is seldom cheap. This article will address effective promotion costs for streamers, but it will also be useful for those looking for PR channel inspiration.


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The most crucial thing to remember is that bots are a big problem. Not only is this unsafe and damaging, but completely worthless. Of course, it also carries the risk of lasting reputation damage and bans Artificial viewers don't benefit you in any way and have no influence on how your channel grows. Not without reason, some vengeful haiters annoy the despised streams by using bots load-up.

Thus, our biggest responsibility will be to seek out opportunities for promotion among real viewers—those who can stick with your channel and join your community. These services often cost extra since they are legal.

There are very few of such services, and even fewer are legitimate and in work. Reyden-X and are two options among them that streamers favor. The mechanics of the work are simple: your stream is integrated into the game-inform sites where the target audience is present. As a result, you have a constantly expanding online audience, real people can watch your stream, and they can join and stick with your channel. It is akin to the homepage of Twitch or Trovo, although such websites are often focused on video games, anime, and other essential components of geek culture.


In industry, the old saying "You own me, I owe you" is applied, with everything being simply straightforward. Mutual promotion services are a shareware alternative to the options from the previous section, but in this instance, you manage the services yourself. It is required from you to sign up on the preferred website, examine other users' streams, and earn virtual currency too. Afterwards, you can promote your own stream using this money. A fairly open system that requires an investment of both time and money, depending on the platform. Examples of such websites include TwitchMaster and StreamBooster.


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In this part of our article we'll discuss the purchase of advertising directly from various content creators. There are many options available: you can contact well-known streamers for promotion options including hosting, participating in a raid, being mentioned, and perhaps even collaborating alongside. You are free to choose and communicate directly with the channel owner whose audience most appeals to you. There are two traps present here. The first factor you need to consider is the cost; you cannot predict in advance how much it will cost you to persuade your main "competitor" for a promotion. Prices are heavily influenced by the website, the number of subscribers, and the components of the ordered advertising. Moreover, since many streamers don't display their services, you'll need to approach the gentlemen and ask them if they know somebody who can help you. Not for free, of course. Although, who knows…

Moreover, since many streamers don't display their services, you'll need to approach the gentlemen and ask them if they know somebody who can help you. Not for free, of course. Although, who knows…

A popular free alternative to this mechanism is mutual support. Speaking more simply, it is a simple viewer exchange.  You can plan to execute joint streams, raids, or hosts with a colleague whose channel is generally comparable to yours in terms of coverage and online accessibility. This strategy, which involves public and private channels promoting one another, swapping followers, and boosting indicators, has been used by social networks for a long time. The important thing is that it is free.


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Why limit yourself to streamers only? PR is everywhere you look! For instance, look for local gaming websites that offer advertising services, such as Igromania or DTF. Look for channels on YouTube, Reddit, or Telegram that have content similar to yours and end up working together If you don't want a complicated option with a clichéd preroll (basic advertising that appears at the beginning of the video), you can agree on some good native ads, such as purchasing a scene in a future video, forming a collaboration, or inviting a blogger to your stream who then promotes your channel on his social media pages. In this case, you'll probably need to invest some money and put in some effor, but the final result will be a cool native integration that allows viewers to learn about you and identifies you as a fresh and fascinating content creator.



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If you don't want to waste your time on native advertising, it will be a good idea to invest in targeted ads on the big social networks. Facebook will serve as this platform for the English-speaking audience. Having your own publicly accessible posts from which to launch advertising is a necessary prerequisite for success. Learn about the advertising industry; it won't be difficult to achieve this goal considering how easily structured modern advertising cabinets are.

The first important thing you need to understand about auto advertisement is that you must carefully choose which online forums and communities your ads will show in. You have access to web pages for game projects or specialized groups as well as the open websites of other streams. When choosing the "recipient" of advertising, consider the group's activities into account in addition to the number of subscribers. There should be a large number of likes, reposts, and comments. When a group gets 50,000 subscribers and 10 likes on each post, the posts are removed immediately. If you are unsure that you can accurately analyze the coverage and activity of the page you are interested in, use the specific analytics capabilities on other people's publicly accessible websites, such as Facebook Insights or NapoleonCat.

The critical question is; which positions should I aim for? A post referencing your stream, such as the news of the broadcast's premiere or the announcement of an intriguing event, would be the most logical line of action.

The draw announcement on your stream will be a great byte, but there will be double spending: on both advertising and draw itself. Everything generally depends on you and your financial resources because the goal is unrestricted and you can promote at least every post.

Of course, if you're interested, you can also buy advertising straight from the general public. Many online groups and streamers provide this option, and contacts are usually given in the status, description, or list of administrators of the group. Opportunities for engaging native advertising are given in this situation.

Although we have discussed the most popular and effective promotion strategies in this article, there is always room for creativity. Remember that as long as you offer great material for your audience, all paid options are beneficial. Furthermore, no amount of wealth will help you attract subscribers if you are glumly playing the game in silence. The more creative you are in promoting your stream, the better the results will be. So bear in mind that buying advertising is only a way to get the public to notice you, who are so smart and cool.

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