December 15, 2022


There are several phases between a beginner streamer and a prominent media person. The daily lives of other people are scattered over the media landscape, just as your life is not limited to one channel where you watch hilarious videos.

A note to remember: There is a fairly large audience out there. The main objective is to introduce yourself and engage them in order to build up a big network of devoted supporters of a particular topic. Create a large community around you who are curious about your life, your content, and your viewpoints. What has to be done for your opinion to be finally heard?



If you wish to start streaming, there are a number of specialized abilities you'll need before you can set up your equipment and start. If you want to develop your streams into a well-known brand, you need more. If you want to expand your channel and make money off of your name, you will need to do some research on how social networks operate and decide which promotion options your stream needs. Personal communities work to both keep their current audience and recruit new ones. Another (and occasionally extremely spectacular) source of income is their effective monetization.

Your stream is a serious project, and projects always require a plan to be carried out. The development and implementation process will take some time, but it will be time well spent in the end. Sure, you could just create one page and post your thoughts and stream announcements there; this would be far preferable to keeping quiet. A media person, on the other hand, needs to ideally be active on all major social networks and post unique content on each of them. Many talented streamers create their own communities on each site, albeit these are usually managed by specific people. Now is the time to identify priorities and gather information if you haven't had the opportunity to hire an editor yet. It's important to know which social network works the best for you.

The following questions must be answered by you on your own:

• Audience demographics: What do you want them to be and where are they now?

• The popularity of the social network in your language and region of streaming

•  What kind of content do you wish to post frequently?

You can develop a strategy for the near future based on the responses to these queries and the amount of free time that is available.



The most popular social networks in your area should be considered first. VK currently holds a dominant position in Russia, and in 2022, its popularity has significantly increased. Particularly for game streamers, VK is fantastic for creating a strong community around your channel. The characteristics of the site allow you to schedule the dissemination of news about you and the region in which you stream. Create newsletters, organize group conversations, publish the most recent news and announcements, import content from other websites (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Trovo), and so forth. Furthermore, if the user base and activity levels are both substantial, VK might be perfectly monetized. One page, which can thus act as your personal representation, contains everything that might be of interest to your viewers.

Consider Denis WELOVEGAMES as an example. Over time, his VK followers developed into a comprehensive resource containing news and hand-selected memes. The owner of a more specialized website, Pray&Play, has a group dedicated to news about him and his streams.

The most popular social networks in your area should be considered first. By the end of 2022, Facebook will still hold the top position in the world. Facebook community pages are great for developing a thriving online channel community. The characteristics of the site allow you to schedule the dissemination of news about you and the region in which you stream. You may have group discussions, post newsletters, redirect information from other websites (YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Twitch, Trovo), publish the most recent news and stream announcements, and do a lot more. Additionally, Facebook can be perfectly monetized if a lot of people use it. Everything that can interest your audience is gathered on one page, which can then serve as your personal representation.

The best place for this role is Discord, the heart of the gaming community. You've probably noticed how celebrities from the media and video game creators often invite fans to join their Discord channels. You can build a fully working community on the platform where everything relating to you will be collected. Setting up notifications, a lot of interactive bots, and multi-level text and voice channels is a great method to increase brand recognition and maintain audience interest.

Your main objective should be to develop a significant, cohesive community that can freely access information on the subject of your stream.



One of the main goals of the majority of a streamer's audience is the chance to interact with him in person and get a glimpse into his real life. The platforms mentioned in the preceding sentence are ideal for building their brand, but Telegram, WhatsApp, and Twitter enable the tightest possible interaction between the streamer and their audience. Since these online communities have become so well-liked, practically every streamer now has their own channel on one of these social media platforms. The local audience does not really like spam on VK, Facebook, or Discord, but Telegram, WhatsApp, and Twitter were almost made for posting 10 thought-provoking posts every day.

Since your audience is actually interested in it, your personality will be on full display. Talk about recent events; create a little movie documenting your trip to the park; to share what happened to you before or after the stream? Looks like the right thing to do!



If increasing the number of subscribers to your channel as well as its audience are your top priority, you must provide content for other relevant media platforms. It is indeed great that even this content doesn't have to be fully original. The best case scenario, of course, would be for you to become a multitasking blogger who, after streaming, uploads hours-long videos to YouTube, publishes original pictures on Instagram, and makes amusing TikTok videos. Not everyone has the time to do this, though.

Yet you still need to put forth some effort. If you want new people to see your stream and find out more about you, you must highlight your presence on the most popular social media networks. The same platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, etc. typically hold the top spots. You must structure the content of your streams for each particular site. For instance, you could upload clips from your streams, recordings of specific games, comments on specific occurrences, and even snippets from your streams to YouTube.

Just have a look at how Asmongold handled it: he simply cut off the fragments of his streams that were dedicated to a particular topic and put them as a separate video. His YouTube channel is a complete resource that requires minimal editing and may keep you occupied for hours.

On the same YouTube channel, short vertical videos facing different directions are referred to as "shorts" and are quite popular. Each of your streams can be divided into dozens of fascinating little films, whether you stream gameplay, real-world interactions, conversation, or your creative process. It is sufficient to bring attention to a split second, take it away, and then add the desired installation. SchrodingerLee, who only creates short films from his streams on VALORANT a couple of times during the month, has brilliantly embraced the trend.

The same is relevant for TikTok and Instagram. Choose one of these platforms to create your community, or use them all in a meantime.



After opting to pursue a career as a professional streamer, you probably won't want to keep hosting a short Twitch stream. Since any advancement entails an expansion of horizons, it's imperative to seize the chance when your name develops into a personal brand. Think about creating a LinkedIn profile. In doing so, you will present yourself as a specialist to whom you may make a variety of business ideas. Although the streamer does not solely rely on advertising to make a living, the Uplify affiliate network will help you with your marketing activities. You can also work with gaming companies, receive offers from eSports clubs, and much more. You can also be asked to watch streams of other channels and shows.

Properly introduce yourself. A typical eSports practice is to gather all of your personal information and compile it in a handy format of your choosing. The presentation should contain information about you, specifics about the content you create, audience coverage (statistics from your streaming platform are preferred for this), your presence on all media platforms with links and information, prior successful cases, and, generally speaking, everything that defines your brand.

You can therefore declare to the world that it should see you as a leader in your industry. You run a Discord group, upload amazing content to YouTube and TikTok, engage in user interaction there, and broadcast on a variety of platforms. You must persuade them that you are definitely the one they need!

There are numerous examples of little streamers who were able to become well-known media figures. What is holding you back? A name cannot be made in a week, albeit with focus and a well-thought-out plan, results can be attained quickly. If you observe successful competitors, follow trends, and concentrate on your own work, you will undoubtedly be successful.

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