When the hollywood fire hose becomes a trickle



August 18, 2023

Ilana Abrahams Nolte is more than just a marketing maven; she's a visionary leader with over 30 years of expertise in data, media, technology, and digital marketing. Her illustrious career includes transformative work for Fortune 500 brands at Publicis, OMG, and GroupM in both the US and the UK.

Recently, Ilana enjoyed the films "Barbie" and "Oppenheimer" in theaters, savoring the experience that only the big screen can offer. This past weekend, she discovered the shows "Platonic" on AppleTV and "Heart of Stone" on Netflix—both of which are now on her must-see list. With Hollywood labor negotiations commencing last week, and virtually all productions at a standstill, Ilana, like many of us, is concerned: is the well of new content about to run dry?

A Challenge and An Opportunity for Marketers

The production halt in Hollywood has marketers across the globe raising their eyebrows. There is a looming concern over the impending scarcity of content, and the inventory that enables engagement with highly captivated audiences. However, Ilana sees not just a challenge, but an opportunity—a strategic pivot towards live streamers, influencers, and content creators could be the innovative solution the industry needs.

Uplify: The Game-Changer in Influencer Marketing

In recent months, Ilana has collaborated with Uplify, finding herself excited about the unique capabilities that our platform offers. Uplify is designed to automate and enhance brand performance through livestream influencers at scale, consistently delivering a 2x ROI. Our cutting-edge AI tech solution provides access to a network of over 20,000 influencers worldwide. And now, we are thrilled to announce that Uplify is launching in the US.

Read, Reflect, and Reach Out

We invite you to read this linked article for more in-depth context about the changing landscape of content and marketing. We eagerly welcome your feedback on this evolving situation and would be delighted to explore how Uplify can be a part of your brand's strategy.

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