New features on Uplify in October



February 2, 2022

New features


We integrated two third-party services and our features to detect fake traffic. Yes, we can see when the creator decided to cheat a bit with clicks 👹

Don't do that, we are collecting all data and will soon release an update where your clicks count will be updated.

Screenshots of promo placement and AI training for quality scoring

Integrated a new service to replace the old one, which takes screenshots, videos of all promo placements and then sends them to AI training and analysis to evaluate the quality of promo placement.

We use this to identify unwanted objects on top of sponsorship integrations: other banners, pictures, tips, and other elements.

Cookie banners and GDPR compliance

We use cookies and are in full compliance with GDPR and CCPA requirements.

Debug service and creator support improvements

For better support of creators, we have developed a debug service to run any campaign in test mode remotely by our support team. Now we can see on our side all possible problems on the interaction between the widget on your side and our server. Just nice 🤟

Pre-moderation of promo campaigns

The number of brands on our platform is growing, respectively, and the need to pre-moderate the campaigns from our side. All for your safety and comfort.

Home page for the English users

Added a home page for English creators to onboarding of what our service does.

New help for English users

Completely rewritten and updated the help section for English-speaking users.


  • Updated service data integration with chat in the dashboard, for fast solving problems of creators.
  • Improved sending chat messages at the time of the actual sponsorship integrations show, rather than the launch announcement.
  • Improved onboarding of new creators by the support team through CRM integration.
  • Completely disabled and automatically redirect to the new platform
  • Replaced the old "Send preview" videos with our, instead of the old client's video.
  • Added support for Middle name and State in payment services.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed update of daily limits when turning off/on a campaign. An error was found when partners turned off campaigns, limits on them were not correctly calculated when they were restarted.
  • Fixed show of active campaigns by targeting. Creators could see sponsorship integrations  that don't fit them by targeting in the dashboard.
  • Fixed show of completed sponsorship integrations. Creators could see sponsorship integrations that don't fit them by targeting in the dashboard.
  • Fixed bug with custom DNS settings. In some cases, the widget worked incorrectly when authors had custom DNS settings configured.
  • Corrected the page headers in the dashboard.
  • Fixed errors in notification asking you to disable AdBlock.
  • Updated translations of the English interface in the creator's dashboard.
  • Fixed broken links in some sections of the dashboard.
  • Improve a more precise definition of the default dashboard language.
  • Fixed bug with Beamer for the English language.
  • Fixed broken links to Terms and Privacy in the dashboard.
  • Fixed various minor bugs in the platform or dashboard.

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