Color by numbers




March 14, 2023

Color by numbers

Last month, Influencer management platform Uplify analyzed sponsored ads across YouTube, Twitch and Trovo to research live-streaming advertising budgets. It found that U.S. brands are spending $30,000 on average for influencer livestream marketing campaigns targeting Gen Z. — Antoinette Siu

  • The average budget mentioned allows brands to collaborate with 700-800 influencers cross-platform.
  • These ad block-resistance and non-skippable campaigns streams had an ad recall rate of 80% on average.
  • Uplify estimated a mix of various interactive formats using the average budget resulted in brands seeing a 1.25% click-through rate and average $13 CPM or $1.38 per click.
  • The company expects the current live-streaming audience of around 800 million to reach 1.41 billion by 2025.

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