We launched a referral program for streamers




April 15, 2022

We launched a referral program for streamers

We have great news for streamers!

We launched the referral program. What does it mean for streamers? You can get Referral Bonus for each friend who is connected to the Uplify!

How to use the referral program and earn extra income:

  1. Go to your personal account and find the "Referrals" section.
  2. Copy your personal link and send it to a friend. Each streamer has its own unique link.
  3. After a friend clicks on your link, he needs to register on the site and start spinning partnership integrations.
  4. Your friend will receive the Referral Bonus to his account after he unscrews 5000 impressions.
  5. To protect the service from fraud we have introduced a limitation – you will have a fixed amount of Referral Bonus to your account only after a your friend will unscrews 5000 impressions.

You can ask any questions on social networks or our official Discord channel.

With care about your income, the Uplify team ❤️

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