Uplify updates in September 2023




October 4, 2023

Uplify updates in September 2023

TL;DR: In September 2023, Uplify introduced new features and improvements, including AI-generated text for streamer profiles, additional social media links in profiles and streaming schedules, and the convenience of Drag and Drop OBS for widget configuration.


Drag and Drop OBS

In the widget settings section, the capability to seamlessly employ drag-and-drop OBS has been incorporated, enabling the effortless transfer of widgets directly into OBS, thereby facilitating the automated generation of the widget layer.

Uplify Link improvements

The AI-generated for the streamer in the "Your bio" section.

For certain active streamers, the "Your bio" section is supplemented with text from AI. It can be either removed or edited.

Links to social media profiles

The option to specify one's social media profiles, which will be displayed on the personal page, has been introduced.

Broadcast schedule

A new section featuring a schedule and a heat map of the most active hours has been added.


  • The service's performance in filtering fraudulent clicks has been significantly enhanced.

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