Uplify updates in June 2023




July 5, 2023

Uplify updates in June 2023

TL;DR: In June 2023, Uplify introduced new features and improvements. The new monetization option, called Action Bonus, allows creators to earn additional rewards for targeted actions performed by users on sponsors' websites. The campaign display interval can now be adjusted for all formats. The referral program has a new bonus system to further motivate creators. The update also includes improvements to the creator's dashboard, statistics collection, client analytics, fraud-blocking page, and partner dashboard.


New Monetization Option: Action Bonus

Uplify now offers creators the opportunity to earn rewards not only for impressions but also for targeted actions. When a customer visits a sponsor's website and performs a specific action like registration, placing an order, or subscribing to a newsletter, the creator will receive a bonus. Uplify's algorithms calculate the budget for CPM (Cost per Mille) and CPA (Cost per Action) and ensure the delivery of targeted actions throughout the entire sponsorship campaign.

  • The action bonus is a new feature and will be available only for specific campaigns. These campaigns will also have daily limits imposed on the accrual, similar to regular campaigns.
  • The action bonus is not a mandatory requirement and can be achieved at the creator's discretion or based on the availability of daily limits.

Creative Display Interval for All Formats

Creators who prefer automatic creative placement now have the ability to adjust the frequency of impressions across all formats. Previously, this feature was available only for fullscreen format, but now it extends to PIP, banner, and custom formats as well.

New Bonus System for the Referral Program

We have made significant technical preparations for a major update to the referral program. We understand that our community has grown largely through referrals, and we are committed to motivating our creators even more.

  • The changes to the referral program will be implemented in the Q4 2023. We will provide a more specific date for the implementation later. There will no longer be a registration bonus provided. Instead, we are transitioning to a system where 5% of the earnings of the invited creator will be credited.
  • To participate in the program without any changes, you must fulfill the current requirements within the specified timeframe.


  • Creator's Dashboard: Enhanced campaign list and view.
  • Updated fraud-blocking page and added an AdBlock warning.
  • Campaign time zone limits have been updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues with survey progress and overlay blocks in the widget.

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