Uplify updates in July 2023




August 15, 2023

Uplify updates in July 2023

TL;DR: In July 2023, Uplify introduced new features and improvements. The new sponsorship format is a personalized banner with customization and dynamic design. Uplify.Link is now available in all languages to support streamers worldwide. Streamer agencies get enhanced tools to increase revenue and control. Improved analytics provide streamers with insights into revenue and campaign performance. General improvements and bug fixes enhance the usability of the platform.


New sponsorship format: Personalised banner

The new format provides opportunities for customisation of sponsorship creative. For example, it is now possible to insert the streamer's nickname and his exclusive promo code directly into the creative. In addition, the design of the creative can now dynamically change depending on the content of the broadcast, which creates more interesting and attractive content for viewers.

Example of a personalized banner for a referral program


We're happy to announce that Uplify.Link is now available in all languages and for all regions. This means that viewers from all over the world can easily support you on your personalized page. The feature is activated by default for all streamers, you can set it up in your personal profile in the relevant section for more personalization. Don't miss the opportunity to expand your audience and get support from viewers from all over the world.

More opportunities for streamer agencies

We provide an opportunity for streamer agencies to significantly increase their revenue. Our system offers a wide range of tools including invitation system, payment control and access to sponsorship campaigns. We act like a marketplace, connecting sponsors and agencies on our Uplify platform.

As an agency, you have the following benefits:

  • View and manage all your streamers in one convenient place.
  • Set your desired revenue rate in CPM (pay per thousand impressions) to maximise your potential revenue.
  • Limit advertiser categories so your sponsors don't compete with others, maximising the effectiveness of the partnership.
  • Effectively monetise your streamers within your own sponsorship campaigns.
  • Participate in other agencies' campaigns, expanding your revenue opportunities.

Revenue analytics

With the increasing monetisation opportunities, the need for more detailed analytics on various revenue sources has become critical. Streamers now interact with a variety of revenue sources such as pay per views, pay per actions, Uplify Link, referral bonuses, and interactive formats. 

Added the ability for streamers to view their revenue structure by day and month as a whole. This gives them valuable data on how and where their revenue is coming from, allowing them to more accurately analyse the effectiveness of different monetisation strategies.

Campaign analytics

Streamers can now see detailed statistics about their campaigns. Shows, clicks, CTRs, actions for each date are displayed in a table and interactive graph. We share this data so streamers can understand and improve their performance.


  • Platform update notifications are now displayed in their native language, not just English as it used to be.
  • The Uplify streamer community is growing every day. Sometimes it happens that not everyone gets enough sponsored integrations to maintain their level in the loyalty programme. Now Uplify takes such details into account and doesn't downgrade your level in the loyalty programme if you didn't have enough available campaigns.
  • Brought back the list of completed campaigns, fixed bugs and optimised the performance of the section.
  • Updated some links in the sidebars.
  • Now you can't get into your personal cabinet without filling out the registration form completely.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a number of translations in the streamer's personal cabinet.
  • Fixed block of inactive campaigns in the streamer's cabinet.
  • Fixed text selection in drop-down lists.

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