Uplify updates in August 2023




September 8, 2023

Uplify updates in August 2023

TL;DR: In August 2023, Uplify introduced new features and improvements. The updates encompass the incorporation of CAPTCHA support to prevent fraudulent clicks, enhancements within the referral program, the ability to disable interactive Extension campaigns during livestream, optimization of the Uplify Link, design refinements, scrutiny of names for bad words, inclusion of Extensions in the loyalty program, and the rectification of bugs.


CAPTCHA support

Clicks from viewers deemed suspicious will now undergo CAPTCHA verification. Users who successfully pass the CAPTCHA will be able to proceed to the sponsor's site. Sponsors will register these visits on their site, but fraudulent clicks will not be included in our analytics.

Referral Program enhancements

The "Referrals" section now includes links to Uplify Link pages for each invited user.

Extension Campaign improvements

Interactive Extension campaigns can now be disabled during livestream. Once disabled, the campaign will no longer be shown to all viewers. If a streamer changes their mind, they must enable the campaign and restart the livestream.

Uplify Link improvements

  • Page loading speed has been optimized, and the streaming player now starts after clicking by viewer.
  • Page design has been updated, with reduced spacing between blocks, decreased rounding, and corrections in both dark and light themes.
  • Viewers can now see their position in the support leaderboard.
  • Name checks for inappropriate words have been added for all languages.


  • Interactive Extension campaigns are now counted in the loyalty program.

Bug Fixes

  • An issue where long input for goals or surveys could reset the form has been resolved.
  • Display issues with answers containing long text in Uplify Link surveys in streamers' personal accounts and on the Uplify Link page have been fixed.
  • Styles for Discord and Twitch links in the loyalty program have been corrected.

Updates for Partners

Campaign Editor improvements

  • Now, when creating or editing an ad set, you can target the campaign to streamers from available agencies. The list of streamers is then filtered based on the selected agencies.
  • The ability to disable a campaign or ad set with an interactive Extension format on the fly has been added. Previously, these integrations did not start for new livestreams, but now they immediately stop for all active ones and do not start for new ones. This function is useful in emergency situations, such as correcting incorrect creatives or links or adjusting campaign durations.

Bug fixes

  • An issue where the list of streamers was blocked in the partner's dashboard if Uplify was the current agency has been resolved.

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