Uplify Product Update: Empowering Advertisers & Creators (May-June 2023)




August 10, 2023

Uplify Product Update: Empowering Advertisers & Creators (May-June 2023)

What's New for Advertisers

Drive conversion with 20 000 livestream creators

To maximize engagement in livestreams, we have created a new CONVERSION campaign format for advertisers. Uplify algorithms calculate the budget for CPM and Action Bonus, ensuring the seamless delivery of targeted actions throughout the entire advertising campaign. Advertisers benefit from increased awareness and planned conversions, while creators receive bonuses for the targeted actions of their audience.


Improved clicks tracking option for further retargeting

Uplify clients leverage the tremendous potential of the livestream creators network to gain access to the Gen Z audience. This enables them to create audience segments and retarget the audience through paid media channels with personalized offers. This, in turn, leads to higher customer retention rates and increased purchase frequency.

Increasing CTR and fighting with fraud

The average CTR in Uplify awarenress campaigns is 0.5%, which is 2x higher than the digital media industry benchmark. Furthermore, we continue to improve the CTR by introducing a streamer's personal product link. Creators now have the ability to generate a unique link for each sponsorship campaign that redirects to the advertiser's website. This link can be pinned in the chat or placed in the stream description. 

As mentioned in previous updates, unfortunately, 25% of creators have used illegal sources of additional traffic at least once. To address this, we have implemented anti-fraud measures and partnered with AWS to automatically block suspicious or fraudulent traffic from creators.

What's New for Creators

More control over content and sponsorship inserts 

Creators can launch sponsorship formats in manual or automated mode. For those who prefer to run inserts automatically, they now have the ability to adjust the frequency.

Updates on streamers referral and loyalty program 

We are aware that our community is growing largely thanks to referrals. Therefore, a major update to the referral program is coming in August to further motivate our creators. There will be different options for incentivizing creators who invite others to monetize their content with Uplify.

The Uplify loyalty program helps streamers earn more through sponsorships, offering them 2x higher payouts. We have also updated the visualization of the streamers' goals and progress.

Additionally, we have made improvements to the campaign list, making it easier to navigate and view the goals of each sponsorship campaign.

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