Uplify and Nvidia: A Deeper Dive into Engaging Campaigns




September 19, 2023

Uplify and Nvidia: A Deeper Dive into Engaging Campaigns

Uplify and Nvidia's Collaborative Campaign

In a space as dynamic and immersive as gaming, the right collaborations can steer the narratives to previously uncharted territories. Our latest endeavor with Nvidia is a testament to what can be achieved with mutual goals and a focused approach.


Our shared mission with Nvidia was concise: to guide the Twitch audience to appreciate the offerings of the GeForce NOW platform, inviting users to delve into its gaming repository and familiarize themselves with its functioning.

Experience the Journey Here:


To realize this, we introduced the Pop-Up banner — a dual format incorporating a banner and a video that encourages interaction. This allowed us to track both the Click-Through Rate (CTR) and the initial banner Click Rate (CR), offering a rounded view of the user engagement and campaign efficacy.


The campaign received a favorable response, recording a CTR that was roughly 10% above our projections. This positive divergence showcases the campaign's ability to resonate well with the audience. What are your favorite gaming titles on the platform? 🎮

Join the Uplify Journey

If you're contemplating campaigns that speak effectively to the gaming community, it's time to explore collaborations with Uplify.

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