Sony Liv and Uplify’s Engagement with Gen Z




September 19, 2023

Sony Liv and Uplify’s Engagement with Gen Z

Navigating the Gen Z landscape with Sony Liv

In a market saturated with content, standing out can be a challenge. This was the task at hand when Sony Liv came to us with their new TV series based on a popular game, “Twisted Metal.”


The goal was straightforward but far from simple: to reach and engage the elusive Gen Z audience, introducing them to the Twisted Metal series in a way that felt genuine and exciting.


To reach our audience where they are most engaged, we focused our efforts on YouTube, utilizing the platform’s wide reach among the Indian youth. We paired 151 streamers with creative content that resonated well with gaming narratives, a strategy that aimed to create a natural and authentic connection with viewers.


The results spoke for themselves: we achieved a click-through rate (CTR) of 0.65%, effectively doubling our initial projections. It was a clear indicator of a well-received campaign, demonstrating the potential of targeted, thoughtful marketing strategies.

Looking ahead with Uplify

As we reflect on this campaign's success, we are eager to take on new challenges and help more brands connect with their target audiences effectively.

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