Setting Trends with Skybags




September 19, 2023

Setting Trends with Skybags

Why follow a trend when you can create one with Uplify

In the ever-evolving market, understanding the preferences and inclinations of the younger generation is not just beneficial, but necessary. This collaboration with the world’s second-largest luggage manufacturer presented a golden opportunity to tap into the Gen Z market with a fresh and engaging approach.


Skybags, a prominent backpack brand backed by Asia's leading luggage manufacturer, embarked on a mission to carve a distinct identity for their new collection. The aim was not only to showcase the functional benefits of the backpacks but to position them as the stylish and personality-enhancing accessories they are.


To resonate with the vibrant and young audience, we chose YouTube Live as our platform and utilized the Custom Overlay format, taking up 30% of the screen with a transparent background. This format, characterized by its eye-catching visuals and vivid colors, created a visually appealing and immersive experience for viewers.


Deploying a team of 271 streamers, we rolled out a campaign that struck a chord with the audience, achieving a satisfactory CTR of 0.35%. The sponsorship insert wasn't just an ad; it was a style statement, encouraging viewers to embrace the individuality and the freedom that Skybags represent.

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