Samsung Z Flip5: A Gen Z Hit in Brazil




November 9, 2023

Samsung Z Flip5: A Gen Z Hit in Brazil

In a world where attention spans are short and Gen Z consumers rule the digital landscape, getting your brand noticed can be quite a challenge. But when Samsung launched its Z Flip5 in Brazil, they knew exactly where to turn for a cutting-edge influencer marketing campaign - Uplify.

Introducing the Samsung Z Flip5 to Gen Z

The goal was simple yet ambitious - introduce Samsung's latest smartphone, the Z Flip5, to the discerning Gen Z audience in Brazil. With a market flooded with choices, Samsung needed a campaign that would not just grab attention but hold it.

300+ Engaged Live Stream Channels

Uplify, with its network of over 25,000 livestreamers globally, was the perfect partner for Samsung. With more than 300 live stream channels in Brazil engaged, we knew how to make the Z Flip5 shine on screens.

A Non-Disruptive Format with 100% Viewability

Uplify specializes in creating non-disruptive sponsorship placements that seamlessly blend with the content, ensuring 100% viewability. We understand that Gen Z doesn't like interruptions, so we made sure that the Samsung Z Flip5 was presented in a way that felt natural and engaging. We're thrilled to say that our campaign achieved a fantastic 0.5% CTR. This means that not only did Gen Z see the Z Flip5, but they also wanted to know more.

The Samsung Z Flip5 Livestream Experience

Curious about how this all came together? Check out this video sample of the sponsorship placement in a livestream:

Samsung's Z Flip5 campaign with Uplify wasn't just about showcasing a new product; it was about creating an unforgettable experience for Gen Z consumers. And from the CTR to the engagement on livestream channels, it's clear that this partnership was a resounding success.

At Uplify, we're all about connecting brands with their target audiences in the most engaging and effective ways possible. If you're looking to make a lasting impact with Gen Z or any other audience, reach out to us today.

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