Partnership integration by Senpai.GG Gaming Assistant




June 1, 2022

Partnership integration by Senpai.GG Gaming Assistant

Description has launched a new campaign that invites live stream viewers to try gaming assistant to help gamers climb the career ladder.

To support the brand activity, the Uplify team offered its proprietary platform and a wide network of live streaming channels for March-May 2022.


We helped accomplish the following objectives:

  • Reach a wide audience of gamers and eSports fans on a variety of live streamer channels.
  • Reduce cost per click and increase the effectiveness of the sponsorship campaign thanks to Uplify's unique technology to customize the frequency of sponsorships display and channel set in the sponsorship integration.
  • Ensure conversions to the platform site with a CTR of 0,4%.

What they were doing

To help the brand achieve the desired results, we used Uplify's technology solution for the placement and optimization of long-term sponsorship campaigns (more than 1 month). The Uplify platform distributed impressions in a balanced way across a wide pool of different streamer channels.

Within the framework of the sponsorship integrations broadcasts of streamers on gaming and entertainment content (art, photo, art, music) were involved.


To help the brand achieve the desired results, we used the Uplify’s technology to place and optimize long-term sponsorship campaigns (over 1 month). The Uplify’s platform balanced impressions across a broad pool of different streamer channels. The sponsorship integrations included streamer broadcasts on game and entertainment content.

To achieve maximum effectiveness, a 15 seconds picture-in-picture (PIP) format was chosen that is not skipped or blocked. This guarantees a 100% viewability and high recallability of the advertising message.

The PIP format was integrated into live streams by streamers, whose audience appreciates gaming brands and supports their favorite influencers. In this way, the brand was able to leverage the loyalty of the broad streamer audience to improve its brand performance.


As a result, the client received:

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