NovaDAX Programmatic Sponsorship Campaign in Brazil




May 29, 2023

NovaDAX Programmatic Sponsorship Campaign in Brazil


We launched the first programmatic sponsorship campaign in the Brazilian market for the NovaDAX brand. NovaDAX is a European trading platform that facilitates the buying and selling of major digital assets using the Euro, leveraging advanced NovaDAX features.


The brand aimed to reach the gamer audience, introduce them to NovaDAX products, and enhance brand awareness.


A formidable challenge faced by the company was that 75% of the target audience were using ad blockers, making it exceptionally difficult for NovaDAX to connect with its desired audience using standard media and banner promotions on social networks. Therefore, NovaDAX necessitated the implementation of partnership collaborations that wouldn't be hindered by users' ad-blocking software.


To circumvent this obstacle, Uplify introduced a novel technological solution - programmatic sponsorship integrations. This technique seamlessly embeds brands into live streams, rendering them impervious to being shut down or blocked. This ensures a 100% viewing rate for the promotional messages, which greatly amplified NovaDAX's brand memorability.

By using this method, NovaDAX was able to infiltrate the niche audience of small and medium-sized streamers, a group notoriously hard to reach via conventional influencers and marketing agencies.


The proposal resonated with the target audience, as evidenced by a Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 0.49% achieved during the campaign.

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