Uplify has released the brand new platform with a plenty of features for streamers




December 10, 2021

Uplify has released the brand new platform with a plenty of features for streamers

We are the Uplify team. Our platform automatically ingest partnership integrations into live streams. We help content creators do what they love and make money from it, and we help brands find their target audience.

Just recently we updated the platform and released Uplify 2.0.

Growth limitations

Uplify was founded 3 years ago. Since then more than 500 streamers and 30 brands have joined us. Among them: Puma, Adrenaline Rush, Big Bon, Spotify, Nivea, MegaFon, Shopify, Steelseries. During this time there have been more than 100 promo campaigns on our platform.

The service is growing fast, so we decided to upgrade our architecture and move to AWS (Amazon Web Services) so that we can easily scale and onboard more streamers and brands in the future.

Common issues of the old platform

There were three blockers for our growth:

Delay in the delivery of partnership integrations.

Delivery time for partnership integrations in manual mode during a live stream took 10-15 seconds. It is too long for creators in the gamin industry. Every second counts, so we moved to the cloud with no limits for capacity or processing speed. As a result we got 0.1 sec as an average time for sponsorship integrations.

Monolith architecture.

When we developed the first version of the platform we chose tech stack that allowed us to develop fast but without enough posibilities for growth and scalability.

Physical servers limitations.

Based on our predictions and growth plans, we realised that it was no longer profitable for us to use physical servers for data storage.

New features

In addition to the ability to scale, we have implemented many useful features for the creators:

List of available promo campaigns.

Now every streamer can see active and inactive promo campaigns from different brands and manage them in the personal cabinet.

Campaign CTR.

This is an indicator of how frequently live stream viewers click on the links during promo breaks. On the CTR basis brand makes a decision on cooperation with the streamer: the higher is the indicator, the more interesting offers the streamer has.

Revenue forecast.

It shows the potential income from available partnership integrations. Calculated individually for each streamer based on the average number of views.

The number of sponsorship integrations for the entire lifetime of the profile.

This data is needed to see when and from which impressions and from which brands the author received income

Simple and clear monetisation.

Our service predicts the income of promo campaigns and does not hide the mechanics of the calculation from users. We always advise our streamers on how to improve their performance and how much they can get for each promo campaign.

Picture-in-picture format.

The Uplify team expands and automates the delivery of multiple banner formats at once, so that both sides of the deal can choose the best options for their goals and capabilities. That's why we added Picture-in-Picture format, which allows authors to run partnership integrations not on the full screen.

Revamped chatbot.

We replaced the chatbot which publishes promo links. It is much more convenient now.

A more convenient way to receive payments.

Now streamers can fill in details once and every month receive automatic payments along with a receipt.

Our mission

The Uplify team cares about content creators and brands. We're constantly adding new features and updating functionality to make our service convenient for streamers and brands alike.

Our main goal is to help creators turn their hobby into a way to make money, and to help brand find their target audience and get the desired conversions.

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