New livestream technology to help brands and content creators boost their revenues with interactive ads.


Pavel Medvedev


January 18, 2023

New livestream technology to help brands and content creators boost their revenues with interactive ads.

Over 600,000 influencers who are active on Trovo, Tencent’s emerging livestream platform, can now increase their revenue  with the sponsorship automation technology, Uplify. The new technology  offers block-resistant ads with up to a 78% recall rate.

The two companies announced a partnership that allows streamers to use Uplify’s proprietary AdTech platform. This tool allows  advertisers to  reach niche  audiences at scale and helps influencers monetize their content on a cost-per-view (CPV) basis. 

As a part of the deal, Uplify will work with advertisers to bring sponsorship to Trovo streamers and insert interactive and highly engaging ads within the platform’s livestreams.

“Our mission is that every single one of our influencers, from the smallest to the biggest, is able to live from their passion,” said Felipe Pastenes, global business development manager at Trovo. “The deal with Uplify doesn't discriminate influencers by the size of their audience and gives everyone a chance to monetize content.”

Trovo aims to empower content creators and help them to make a living from their streams. The company’s development plan includes various tools of content monetization, including advertisement and sponsorship. 

Until recently, Trovo’s main monetization product was aimed towards audience contributions. Influencers monetized their content through Trovo’s PK Arena, where they challenged other influencers and received prizes. Monthly events with different rewards and donation features enable viewers to donate to their favorite streamers.

“Today, being a creator means building multiple revenue streams, keeping up with change and developing marketing channels to generate revenue.,” said Pasha Medvedev, Uplify’s co-founder and chief operating officer. “For brands, partnering with creators means attracting new audiences and establishing long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.  Uplify connects brands with thousands of creators with one click and does so in a very engaging way that shows conversion rates above average.”.”

The creator economy market size is currently estimated at $104.2 billion, more than double its value since 2019. From amateur to full-time creators, from nano to mega-creators, there are around 200 million creators

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