New features on Uplify in November 2022


Pavel Medvedev


November 25, 2022

New features on Uplify in November 2022

New features

(1) Creators Loyalty Program

We’d like to officially announce the launch of the Streamer Loyalty Program! The Streamer Loyalty Program is a series of incremental goals that you can strive to achieve while working with Uplify to get more benefits. Not available for all regions and broadcast languages. Access to the program will be opened by small groups of streamers.


  • Updated the disclaimer in the widget for the new Terms requirements
  • The payment form for Eastern European streamers was updated.
  • Fixed bugs in the advertiser analytics report.
  • Links to videos and guides were added to the streamer checklist on the Dashboard page.
  • The alternative title of campaigns is available for advertisers.
  • Updated the logic for displaying campaigns every 15/30 minutes for a more even distribution of campaigns.

Bug fixes

  • Fixes text mistakes in the advertiser's dashboard
  • Fixed bugs in the streamer dashaboard

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