New features on Uplify in March 2023




May 9, 2023

New features on Uplify in March 2023

New features

Sponsorships now have a time zone.
Uplify's sponsorships are spread across multiple continents. Our viewers live in different time zones. Our creators have different habits: some people like to stream in the morning, others at night. Now we distribute daily impressions based on the audience time zone in order to increase reach metric.

Performance control
Our algorithms evaluate channel performance on a daily basis. Creators who show a low CTR and significantly reduce the overall CTR receive fewer sponsorships. We target ad impressions to more engaged audience. Creators can see the reason and duration of blocking in their Uplify account.

Twitch: chat messages as announcement
On the Twitch platform Uplify can visually highlight a chat message. This is an experimental feature that is enabled for some creators. A highlighted message draws more attention from viewers.

Loyalty program: stay informed.
Creators now receive email notifications after moving across levels of the loyalty program. updates
   1. Ability to set a poll limit by the number of votes.
   2. Ability to add an interval for the frequency of sending reminders to the chatbot.
   3. Broadcast player has been added to the creator’s personal page.
   4. Ability to post information about Gears and Setup on the creator’s personal page.
   5. Top supporters: not only overall, but daily top in the Widget and personal page.


  • Localization fixes: chatbot connection error, page, partner’s account.
  • Referral program fixes: list of referrals in the creator's personal account; requests for referral promo from the widget.
  • Partner’s account interface fixes.

Tech. improvements

  • optimization.
  • Additional tools for tracking errors in the widget.
  • Boring but important work on documentation, optimization and component library.

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