New features on Uplify in January 2023




March 1, 2023

New features on Uplify in January 2023

New features

(1) A new Freemium section has been added to the streamer's dashboard. The feature is currently in closed beta testing for some categories of streamers.

(2) The ability to check the status of interactive campaign extensions has been added to the campaign card and settings section.


  • Improved screenshot saving with Trovo.
  • Added the ability to send previews to the widget from the streamer's dashboard for Freemium.
  • Localization has been added to on the homepage and streamer page.
  • A video advertising block has been added to the streamer's personal page.

Bug fixes

  • The list of advertisers and holdings in the partner dashboard is now displayed in alphabetical order.
  • Fixed a navigation error in the partner dashboard when switching to and from a campaign. The active category is now displayed in the menu when switching to the analytics section.
  • Localization errors in tables on the advertiser and holdings page have been fixed.
  • Search on the holdings and advertiser page has been improved and optimized.
  • Fixed an error that could lead to the selection of an incorrect currency when creating/editing a group.
  • Minor errors in the analytics section have been fixed.
  • Fixed errors in the Freemium section of the streamer's dashboard, including incorrect currency display and content disappearing in blocks.
  • A popup with information about the need to re-login has been added to the streamer's dashboard. Branding has also been added to the re-login message.

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