New features on Uplify in February 2023




March 1, 2023

New features on Uplify in February 2023

New features

  • A new section "Deactivate and Delete Account" has been added to the streamer's personal account.
  • Partners can now choose the currency they want to use when creating a campaign. The currency is set when creating a campaign and depends on the partner's currency.
  • Streamer earnings now take into account the currency of the sponsorship campaign.
  • If the widget is set up incorrectly, a warning will appear about the incorrect setup. The system will stop delivering sponsor integrations in livestream with incorrect settings.
  • The referral program has become more transparent. The streamer's wallet now shows how many days and views are left to keep the bonus.


  • Improved display of status and bank account requisites form in the Eastern Europe streamers' account.
  • Added status extension with a link to it in the loyalty program block in the streamer's account.
  • Clicking "Connect" in the Discord loyalty program block will redirect the streamer to the appropriate section in settings.
  • With active notification function, the widget sends messages to the chatbot every 10 minutes.
  • To reach level 1 of the Twitch streamer loyalty program, the extension must now be installed. To connect to Discord, you need to go to the loyalty program block in the account.
  • Streamers with a currency other than the partner's currency now see the correct cost per thousand views and potential earnings.
  • Changed loyalty program conditions at some levels.
  • Referral program tasks now have a 45-day deadline instead of 30.
  • The chatbot's incorrect setup message disappears immediately after the setting is corrected.
  • Added a goal creation item for Freemium to onboarding.
  • [Freemium] Now we will gain more precise information about your viewers if they have previously introduced themselves.
  • [Freemium] Changes to widget and alert settings in the Freemium section now appear in the widget without requiring a reload.
  • [Freemium] Information about cookies has been added to Freemium pages.
  • [Freemium] The restriction on showing advertisements for only 15 seconds has been removed.
  • [Freemium] An issue where a viewer could be assigned someone else's profile has been resolved.
  • [Freemium] The logic for calculating Community Impact on a streamer's personal page under the Freemium model has been updated.
  • [Freemium] A link to the streamer's personal Freemium page has been added to their dashboard.
  • [Freemium] In the Freemium model, duration is no longer a static field. When the timer expires, the winner's card is displayed in the widget.
  • [Freemium] In the Freemium section of the streamer's dashboard, the field displaying the total earnings has been replaced with a field showing the sum "Under review."

Bug fixes

  • An error has been fixed where the text of sums did not fit in the target card in the Freemium widget.
  • Chatbot messages are now only sent when the broadcast is enabled.
  • An error of message duplication in the chatbot has been fixed.
  • Now earnings are displayed when the Freemium goal is disabled.
  • An error in vote counting in the Freemium widget poll has been fixed.
  • An error in displaying the referral history table in the streamer's personal account has been fixed.
  • An authorization error in the demo account has been fixed.
  • Now changes to goals/polls in the Freemium section are displayed without reloading the page.
  • An error where a zero balance was displayed on the initial load of the streamer's dashboard has been fixed.
  • Errors in launching ads manually have been fixed. The automatic ad mode no longer accumulates ads when the manual mode is on.
  • An error of accumulating ad queues and delays in showing ads for streamers who spend a lot of time online has been fixed.
  • The translation and link to the Broadcast Delay page have been corrected.

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