New features on Uplify in April 2023




May 9, 2023

New features on Uplify in April 2023

New features

Performance tracking: Uplify pixel
Advertisers have access to Uplify pixel for tracking valuable events. Now we track the performance of the sponsorship campaign and each creator. By default, Uplify pixel accepts all events for a specific advertiser. But it can also accept creator, campaign, creative, impression, and other IDs.

Performance tracking: Uplify IDs
Advertisers can add additional product URL parameters that will be substituted with Uplify IDs. Each time viewer clicks on a link from a chat or scan a QR code, these parameters will be added to the product link.
This will allow advertisers to set up advanced click-through statistics. Together with Uplify pixel this feature provides wide opportunities for campaign optimization.


¡Hola amigos!
Interface has been translated to Spanish including: creator and advertiser accounts, OBS-dock and widget.

Improved bank account requisites form in the Eastern Europe creator's account.
Updated UI, improved validation. The update should help creators to set up their account details easier and faster than before.


  • fixes: pool UX corrections, TOP supporters corrections, votes and results in the widget, link to YouTube channel corrected.
  • Partner account: campaign report fixes.

Tech. improvements

  • Bug tracking process improvements
  • Detailed YouTube and Trovo account statistics
  • deployment improvements

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