Nailing the Premiere Announcement with Amazon Prime




September 19, 2023

Nailing the Premiere Announcement with Amazon Prime

Bringing a new wave of entertainment to the Indian Gen Z audience

In a world rich with diverse stories, reaching the right audience can be a golden key to success. Amazon Prime presented us with such an opportunity, entrusting us with the task to unveil their fresh series on the vibrant life and journey of AP Dhillon, the Indo-Canadian sensation.


The global entertainment titan, Amazon Prime, envisioned creating a significant buzz around their new biopic series, “AP Dhillon: First of a Kind.” With Uplify’s expertise, the goal was to create a substantial engagement and curiosity among the Indian Gen Z audience, who are always on the lookout for fresh and inspiring stories.


We opted for YouTube Live, coupled with a dominant Custom Overlay spanning 80% of the screen, to narrate the artist's inspiring journey vividly and distinctly. This strategy aimed to not just notify but also to enthrall the audience, offering them a snippet of what they could expect from the series.


Engaging 145 streamers from the Indian circuit, the campaign remarkably exceeded expectations with an average CTR of 0.45%, a splendid 20% above the anticipated goal. Moreover, a segment of users showcased heightened engagement with click-through rates soaring above 1%.

The road ahead with Uplify

As we revel in the success of this collaboration, we are geared up to take on projects that aspire to forge connections and leave a lasting impact. If you’re ready to engage audiences in meaningful ways, we’re here to bring your vision to fruition.

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