Maximizing Campaign Success: Performance Tracking, Optimization, and Anti-Fraud Measures




May 10, 2023

Maximizing Campaign Success: Performance Tracking, Optimization, and Anti-Fraud Measures

As a tech solution for advertising agencies & brands we believe livestream influencer marketing can drive 2x ROI at scale.

And we keep improving performance and outcomes for our parter-agencies and direct customers globally like TacoBell, BBDO, Dentsu, McCann: 

  • Our continuous learning and optimization efforts have led to an average CTR of 0.7% and 400+ livestream creators engaged per campaign.
  • The livestream creators' network expanded by 200% in Q1 compared to Q4 2022. This growth allows advertisers broader opportunities to optimize influencer marketing campaigns and connect their products with the right audiences.

Explore more case studies in the cases section in our blog.

With that in mind, we've made several crucial improvements to the Uplify product.

Every creator matters

We've learned to track and optimize performance for each influencer. Uplify's algorithms adjust campaigns based on performance, ensuring that high-performing creators receive more impressions and rewards, while low performers receive less.

Real-time campaign optimization

Uplify's AI optimizes campaigns in real-time, placing sponsorships where they're most efficient and engaging. We track various parameters in real-time, including creator content, performance, livestream platforms, audience size, broadcast time, advertiser category, campaign goals, and the competitive landscape.

Focusing on conversions, not just clicks

In addition to clicks, we optimize for conversions and ROI. Through a straightforward integration, we support advertisers in analyzing campaign performance and ROI.

Addressing creator fraud

Unfortunately, 25% of creators have used illegal sources of additional traffic at least once. We've implemented anti-fraud measures, partnering with AWS to automatically block suspicious or fraudulent traffic from creators. Our system also monitors and blocks creators who manipulate sponsorship images or placements.

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