Life hack: Where to get tons of free games for streaming




February 9, 2023

Life hack: Where to get tons of free games for streaming

We recently addressed content creation formats for streaming services. A flexible/variable game streamer is one of the most prevalent options that could be a true key to success. However, since the streamer constantly and consistently needs new games, a plethora of games, this format, unlike others, necessitates a significant financial commitment.

Such fees are out of reach for many new streamers, which becomes the most significant impediment to fulfilling the dream. However, we have prepared assistance and guidance for you as well as a list of websites with a plethora of exciting free games that are only available to influencers. This is not only a wonderful alternative for a new variable streamer, yet it also provides an opportunity to stand out from the crowd by airing unique and original game efforts, as well as those that have yet to be made public!

1. KEYMAILER (and not only)

Photo: Keymailer

A brilliant alternative for streamers of almost any skill set. This website acts as a marketplace for a vast range of video games from a broad spectrum of genres, including tiny indie projects as well as large blockbusters from well-known developers. You'll also get unlimited access to everything! Anyone who doesn't grasp it should sign up, link their social media profiles and/or channels, and only then should they consider their options. Developers and publishers can be reached directly through Keymailer, and they will decide whether to grant you access or not. But don't worry; there are always a lot of people that want to show off their games to the audience.

Important: You must follow the restrictions and other criteria specified by the developers because the campaign provides unique free access to both recently published and upcoming titles. Furthermore, the publisher and the influencer are exchanging rewards in return for this venture. After you have obtained the key, the publisher anticipates that his game will be shown to the audience. Don't forget to fulfill your contract obligations; otherwise, you run the risk of losing access to the games.

Keymailer is one of the most prominent influencer websites, but it is far from being the only one. Many more fantastic projects can be found at Indieboost, Woovit, or Xsolla. In order to obtain access to these projects, you must first verify your influencer status. Some games are immediately available for download, while others must be requested by the creators using a special button. You are unlikely to be left out in any scenario, and your library will be replenished with dozens, if not hundreds, of new games.


It is a big game library that has been continually expanding for many years. On, you may access tens of thousands of games! The website offers both totally free choices and titles that cost a few dollars. You can spend hours flipping through the different and colorful designs from numerous studios.

You don't have to link your channel or provide identification verification. Anyone with internet access can visit the website, sign up, download games, and amuse their audience.


Photo: Game Jolt

Another big collection of free games. You may only access the website after logging in, but it just takes a few clicks to start playing in the realm of infinite and, most importantly, free gaming. After creating an account, the website allows you the opportunity to choose which popular games you prefer so that you can subsequently create a personalized selection of genres that appeal to you. Examples of these games are League of Legends and Minecraft. This is a great idea to keep you from becoming buried in the depths of gaming frenzy because there are so many games on the website.

The project functions as a sort of gaming community as a whole. You can connect with people who share your interests, view achievements, and keep up with the most recent news from your favorite studios. You even create entire playlists off of video games!


Another massive storage space to mention for hardcore nerds. The freeware section contains trainers, mods, and, most importantly, a large library of free games. New releases are published to the website almost every day, and the layout is painfully simple to use. There are only games available!


Some video game companies are delighted to inform influencers about their new releases on their own websites. Consider checking out ReverbGames or Evolve Terminals. If the publisher has granted you access to his product, he wants you to show it to your viewers, so it's crucial to include such activities properly. As a result, you shouldn't ask for keys just to have them because the publisher will take offense and stop handing you free games. However, for streamers who are serious about their business, these platforms present a marvelous opportunity to get free access to original content.


Photo: Steam

The legendary Stream. The magnificent and monstrous. Where would we be without Steam’s whole free games section. Don't forget about seasonal sales or promotions. Needless to mention that the Epic Games Store has lately acquired a big number of free offers, so keep an eye out for new products as well.


If previously there were listed websites with free games, it is now the turn of the webpage about free games to be in the spotlight. You'll find here the most recent news on noteworthy releases, as well as a list of free games with reviews and rankings. If you're hunting for the advice of experts and want to start a new project, you've come to the right place!

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