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When was the last time you upgraded your channel? Streaming is a component of the entertainment market that is constantly evolving. Expectations from the audience are growing along with the selection of useful goods and services. In response to this, streamers who want to provide the best-looking and best-quality streams do their research on the most recent trends in the industry.

Since the product contains the most helpful and relevant services that will not only make your work easier but also entertain the audience, we can guide you with this. It's time to promote your channel in all possible ways!



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The core of the basics once it involves creating a high-quality stream is a high-quality bot and a practical streamer panel. Although it would be perfect if there was a service that featured all of the helpful streaming tools, for the meantime, it is more beneficial to put together a suitable combo.

As they're the closest to the idea of "perfect," the majority of Western streamers only use the most recognized Stream Elements. In the CIS, where many Western streamers primarily collaborate, the reality is quite different from the parameters of the "ideal."

In the CIS, the issue is a little different because not all StreamElements functions are appropriate for our demands as well as those of the audience, so individuals may opt to mix numerous services to make the ideal stream. For instance, the notification choices for donations and subscriptions are more constrained here, and it is still advised to view your broadcast's complete statistics on Twitch or YouTube (they are more practical and accurate there). If you want to publish a humorous gif to a funny musical piece, you should go to specialized websites. Each streamer chooses a platform based on personal preferences, functionality, price for each withdrawal, and currency. The most popular options are DonateAlerts, DonatePay,, and QIWI Donate.

The ability to store scenes and overlays in the cloud for usage with OBS is StreamElements' main benefit. You can easily modify and maintain the aesthetic of your stream before uploading it to the desired streaming platform due to the user-friendly interface and functionality. You can choose between the ready-made alternatives, which feature animated profiles, or upload your own design.

If you're looking for a decent chatbot, take a closer look at Nightbot and Moobot, the two best - known options. While using chat, the services vary a little but have established a reputation for themselves as outstanding, reliable guides. This toolset, when combined with the integrated bot from StreamElements, is appropriate to handle all of your activities.



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Don't you realize how exciting using channel points on Twitch is? Creating voice or video instructions that viewers can utilize in the chat is a brilliant idea. Using the Triggerfyre service, you can upload any media files that are afterwards linked to the points functionality on The most essential criterion is that the media file names on Twitch and Triggerfyre actually match. The setup interface is really straightforward. An amazing opportunity to enhance your live stream while engaging the audience.



If you've ever watched a stream and noticed that the chat is frequently filled with messages like "GIGACHAD" or "CatJAM," it's likely that the streamer has subscribed to a platform that provides access to more emojis. A year ago, BetterTV was riding the popularity wave, but far too many people have now switched to 7tv. Thanks to the welcoming communities on Twitch and YouTube, this page is absolutely jam-packed with the newest memes and hundreds of original emojis. You can add your own unique photos and animations to a large selection for your channel.



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In the previous article, we covered how to choose cool, affordable streaming gear, such as a camera and light. What happens, though, if you don't own a camera but secretly yearn to be an anime girl? V-tuber can become a real trend by 2022. This concept was brought to us from Asia and has a big fan base among streamers. The guys use an avatar that is customized to them and moves in accordance to their motions rather than cameras. You can be anything, from a cute cat-girl to a painted image of yourself.

Of course, the best scenario would be to create a fully animated 3D model that mimics every movement you make and features facial expressions for the entire face. Furthermore, such avatars are either purchased or customized, which is very expensive. It, obviously, needs a nice camera. So many people use the Reactive by Fugi service since it offers the least amount of hassle.

How does it work? With a painting or any other image you want, you make two PNG images: one with your mouth closed and the other with your lips open. To utilize a picture you find online, all you need is a basic understanding of Photoshop. Just keep in mind to respect the owner's copyright for the avatar you want to use. You add your Discord account and upload to the website. The image will now respond to your words, giving visitors the impression that your avatar is communicating with them. If you want to participate more in the trend, simply search "PNGtuber" to obtain instructions. There are several channels that have switched to a similar format on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms. For example, a well-known streamer called Saintone only uses his camera once every month and otherwise plays with a PNG image of his character from the video game Lost Ark.



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Due to its selection of compelling addons, Twitch has an advantage over other streaming services when it comes to audience interaction. It is important to keep in mind that since the channel grows, nearly all add-ons that help you integrate the viewer into the stream become ineffective; otherwise, watching the video will be challenging. These choices, however, might be a fun method of bringing in and keeping subscribers for newbies and inexperienced streamers.

We have a brilliant example for you. The audience appreciates the attention. How can we gain the maximum publicity? Make an appearance on the stream itself! The StreamAvatars feature's main goal is to do this. The plugin, a little interface that always shows up live on the stream, allows viewers to create and update their own unique avatars.

An unusual form of interaction is the CrowdControl addon. By using this add-on, spectators can meddle with your gameplay via using their Bits to either help or impede the progress of a specific game. CrowdControl supports more than 40 popular games, like Fall Guys, Terraria, and even Skyrim.

Twitch provides a broad range of amazing add-ons, and you can find them on your own account by going to "Author's Control Panel" > "Extensions." Most of the exciting games and add-ons on Twitch require Bits, the main currency that users can buy with real money. But you don't need the audience's help to locate fascinating options.

Explore at Streamlabs, Streamlabs Leaderboard, Dragon Pets, GIPHY, and Marbles on Stream, to name a few, if you want to change it up a bit.



Since no streamer like worrying about copyright, they are usually forced to do so by external forces. If creating your channel and streaming are your passions, you must be aware of this important aspect. Unless streaming third-party music has been connected to various issues and complaints from copyright holders over the past few years, it is preferable to just listen to free music on the stream and do not worry about a thing or two. Fortunately, non-copyright tracks are increasingly prevalent in music platforms.

You don't need to be concerned about it. Twitch has developed "Soundtrack," a ground-breaking tool for streamers that lets you not only listen to "free" music during them but also pause and repeat them.

If you stream on another platform or wish to expand your playlist even more, pay close attention to the music from the NoCopyrightSounds channel on YouTube. In a variety of industries, tracks from there are regularly used on streams, in stores, and while editing videos. The music is outstanding, varied, and of incredibly high quality overall. Streamers frequently use NCS, and the official library channel has 33 million subscribers already.

Other options are:


"Best No Copyright Music" section on SoundCloud

Library from Liborio Conti


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