February 27, 2023


Uplify will place a strong emphasis on overall development in 2023. Streamers and Uplify work together as one cohesive unit in close coordination. Your professional development will be our primary goal in 2023, simply because the more streamers flourish and prosper, the further Uplify advances. We discovered a number of mechanisms that require our attention after reviewing previous year's indicators and receiving input from our partners and ambassadors.

In addition, a number of highly unique additions and tools will be available in the first quarter of the new year, making Uplify more enjoyable to use while increasing your revenue.


We value both streamer and advertiser satisfaction with the loyalty program since it serves as a key indicator of the streamer's performance within the Uplify ecosystem. After hearing both parties' perspectives on the outcomes of 2022, we implemented the necessary changes to the loyalty program. Because the streamers' greatest wish was a redesign of the recommendation system, we chose to lower the requirements for several levels.

As a result, level 2 now requires only one referral rather than three, and level 3 only two. Based on the results of the completed advertising campaigns, we reduced the CTR for level 3 to 0.35% and increased the minimum number of impressions for each level from 2 to 5.

The Loyalty Program's primary priority for 2023 is to support content producers who frequently collaborate with Uplify, stream frequently, and can interact freely with their audience. These streamers can expect higher limits and CPMs (cost per thousand impressions), unrestricted access to all marketing initiatives, and other benefits that are currently being developed.

We're still keeping a close eye on how the loyalty program is progressing and welcome feedback via our Discord channel. If necessary, Uplify can change the metrics and conditions.


The greater the audience participation in an advertising campaign, the more revenue streamers and advertisers receive. Conventional banners have their place, too, but fascinating interactivity usually takes precedence over other advertising integrations.

In 2022, the development and deployment of new interactivity in current campaigns began. We attempted to create integrations that would not only assist the advertiser in increasing views and clicks, but will also provide unique entertainment for your audience. Furthermore, viewers will be able to obtain promo codes and presents from brands right on the stream with the use of such engagement.

Clickable banner with a pop-up:

•        Using questions to engage viewers;

•        making the advertisement more memorable by using video;

•        provides a beneficial offer at the end of the video to encourage further clicks.

Interactive Survey:

•        Assists in educating the public about the product;

•        the brand fits in perfectly with a number of intriguing topic issues;

•      the grand prize tends to encourage you to complete the challenge with the correct answers.

King of the Mountain:

•        Ideal for FMCG brands – for every taste and colour (so to say)

•        the contest encourages audience participation.

•     promo code and spirit of competition encourage spectators to watch it live till the very end.

Wheel of fortune:

•        Perfect for retail and online shopping;

•     everyone enjoys playing the odds, and each user gets a gift from the brand;

•        winning a prize encourages you to visit the advertiser's website;

•        tools for augmented reality.

Augmented Reality Tools

We've all seen the awesome TikTok and Instagram masks, right? This feature is now available in your stream! The Uplify team has created a potential for augmented reality tools and AR masks to be integrated directly into the streamer's personal account.

This project is an investment in the expansion of advertising synergies, in addition to the obvious entertainment component. Using these elements in conjunction with appropriate advertising campaigns will allow streamers to create vibrant content and enhance their income as a result of a more engaging and vivid presentation of the brand on the stream.

A chromakey is not required for animated or dynamic backdrops, and the tool's functionality is relatively basic and convenient for everyday use.

After we complete the necessary tests, we will make this feature available to all Uplify streamers, with one caveat: a webcam will be required to enable it.


Uplify Link represents our most important project for the first quarter of 2023. Streamers of all skill levels will be able to interact with their audience and earn money even when they are not online, thanks to the launch of our comprehensive service!

With Uplify Link, a customized mini-site, a streamer can track statistics, create interactive surveys, set personal goals using an alternate method of donation, run advertising campaigns, and much more. According to our forecasts, the streamer will be able to increase his monthly income by up to 20% even before the program officially launches.

The project is currently in progress, and we are actively discussing the functionality with our partners and ambassadors and making the necessary adjustments. 

Uplify Link will continue to evolve and add new features, and in the future it will transform into a personal streamer website where he can interact, earn extra money, and gain audience support regardless of whether or not the stream goes live.

The image above depicts the Uplify Link's test design, which is currently being completed. 

Follow the news to get all the specifics as soon as they are published in another article about the new product!


Trovo is currently growing at the fastest rate among our partners, and Uplify and Trovo ended up working together formally last year. These partnerships provide our streamers with extra features, such as the ability to monitor their traffic and detect suspicious activity in the event of infringement. Our project is mentioned in the streaming tools in your personal account.


All enterprises are focused on making sure that the adverts presented by our streamers throughout their feeds are properly displayed and noticed by actual viewers. As we strive to deliver the best services possible, Uplify is constantly seeking ways to enhance our quality control procedures.

We intend to introduce an upgraded anti-fraud system in 2023, which will track suspicious clicks and fraudsters. Because we are fully aware that such fraudulent manipulations may be carried out without your knowledge, the support team will be in regular contact to address any disagreements.


The essential tool for confirming that advertising integrations operate is the Uplify widget. Every advertising campaign requires that the widget be properly customized to meet the brand's standards. After having heard from streamers and sponsors, we decided to digitalize as much of the process as possible . The widget configuration is now pretty straightforward, and support staff will assist the streamer if any of the violation cases appear.

Although many of the 2023 activities have already begun, we are always thankful for any feedback from our streams and partners. Join in Uplify and our Discord to brainstorm project improvements.

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