Breaking Barriers with Eudora



September 19, 2023

Engaging the young women of Brazil on Twitch with Eudora

In a marketplace where perceptions are continually evolving, it's essential to take initiatives that challenge the established norms. Our recent collaboration with Eudora successfully took on a significant belief — the perceived scarcity of young female viewers on streaming platforms — and the results speak volumes.


In partnership with Eudora, we set out with the specific aim to raise awareness for their new line of hair cosmetics among the young female audience on Twitch and YouTube. The task at hand was to prove that this demographic not only exists but can be effectively reached and engaged with.


Leveraging our robust Custom 80% sponsorship format, which is unskippable and resistant to ad-blockers, we embarked on a campaign engaging over 500 streamers to reach out to this vital demographic. The strategy was crafted to ensure that the audience would not just see the ads but resonate with them, thereby leading to increased click-through rates.


The results exceeded expectations, with the campaign achieving a CTR that was a remarkable 1.5 times higher than the industry standard, a clear indication of a warm reception from the audience. This positive trajectory has opened up a narrative about the potential that lies in reaching young female audiences on platforms where they were previously thought to be a minority.

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