Audio Tools that Worth Streamers’ Salt to Work More Efficiently. Part 1




February 9, 2022

Audio Tools that Worth Streamers’ Salt to Work More Efficiently. Part 1

Having their daily lives being commercialized, people are looking up to streamers as a convenient occupation that puts a Midas touch in every trivial thing they do. However only a few people could imagine that streamers are always having their plate full with the live streaming requirements. One of them is audio requirements.

Tools to Put Thematic Music Safe and Sound

Streaming platforms have strict regulations towards music copyright that is being used within the live stream. You have no need to worry about it! Uplify brought you a list of helpful tools that give you DMCA-safe music stations for live streams. From music with a calm ambient melody, deep melodic techno, up to the trap beats ones, this list got you covered!

  • Mubert: provides DMCA-safe music for 24/7 nonstop broadcast, and premium users can subscribe only for $4.99/month.
  • Soundstripe: provides 7,000+ radio-quality songs with stems, and is capable of integrating with Adobe Premiere,, up to Twitch.
  • Twitch Soundtrack: provides a rights cleared music tool designed for Twitch creators.
  • Epidemic Sounds: provides license free music with only one subscription, it comes with 30-day free trial
  • Artlist: provides royalty free music and SFX for your videos. From YouTube monetization to commercial use worldwide, they got the right plan for every need.
  • Envato Elements: provides more than 690K+ audio with unlimited downloads with just $16.50/month.
  • Comma: provides royalty-free music for YouTube, specially curated for travel vloggers
  • Pretzel: provides more than 50 curated stations, each with hours of music.
  • Monstercat: provides Monstercat Gold, an individual music licensing subscription that gives members access to thousands of high-quality songs to use in their creative content.

Turn Your Livestream Audio Crystal Clear

Environment’s noise frequently becomes a streamer’s hassle in making their session enjoyable. Uplify would recommend KrispSound, AI-powered app that removes background noise and echo from meetings. That way, you could focus on your voice and background music picked to light up the live stream!

KrispSound works with Discord, Zoom, Google Meet, Slack, Microsoft Teams, Bluejeans, Webex, Genesys, and more than 800+ other communication apps. It even provides you with the demo of removing noise of barking dog, street & traffic noise, crying baby, keyboard clicks, and echo.

If you still have doubts towards the security or stability of these tools, here’s a tip: Try it by your sock puppet account first. Only after you got it checked safe and sound, go integrate it to your main account!

With a fingers crossed, good luck on elevating your livestream’s audio quality!

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