A journey to affordable adventures with MaxMilhas and Uplify




September 19, 2023

 A journey to affordable adventures with MaxMilhas and Uplify

Creating pathways to affordable adventures with MaxMilhas

The thrill of travel is universal, yet often hindered by budget constraints, especially for the younger generation eager to explore the world. This formed the core understanding in our collaboration with MaxMilhas, a well-regarded travel and tour company in Brazil, aiming to introduce cost-effective travel solutions to Gen Z individuals.


Our mission was to highlight the affordability and accessibility of MaxMilhas’ offerings to the Gen Z audience - the individuals with a firm grip on current trends and a strong influence in the digital space.


To make a lasting impression, we initiated a campaign on Twitch, employing an unskippable and Adblock resistant Picture-in-Picture format. This strategy aimed to reach viewers authentically, showcasing the ease of securing economical travels with MaxMilhas.


The campaign was embraced warmly, with over 370 Brazilian streamers advocating for the brand. The result was nothing short of gratifying, with a final CTR of 1.12%, surpassing the target of 0.35% threefold. It was a testament to the well-aligned strategy and the responsive audience.

Looking forward with Uplify

As we forge ahead, we are inspired by the tangible impact of well-curated campaigns. We look forward to fostering more such connections, bringing brands closer to their desired audiences.

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