2022: A Year In Review




February 13, 2023

2022: A Year In Review

2022 has been a great year for Uplify as a company, our streamers and partners. With a growing interest in streaming, we were able to help many creators monetize their content and many brands reach the audience of these streamers to promote their products.

We've launched 30+ sponsorship campaigns, expanded our presence into new markets around the world like Brazil, India, and the US, resulting in 300% revenue growth.

Signed a remarkable partnership with the Trovo livestream platform with 600,000 active Influencers worldwide. This partnership allowed streamers to use Uplify's own AdTech platform to monetize content. 2022 ended the year with an overall 517% increase in Uplify's active community on Twitch, Trovo, and YouTube livestream platforms.

Successfully launched new "interactive" sponsorship formats with a projected 3% CTR to find the best options for brands and streamers alike. In 2023, we'll stay true to our mission to connect the universe of live stream creators with the world of advertisers.

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