Why do you accept the Uplify's privacy policy




February 9, 2022

Why do you accept the Uplify's privacy policy

Hey, streamer! This article is just for you.

We know that our creators are concerned about the privacy policy and some included options that Uplify asks for. And we receive a lot of questions on the topic: “Why should I agree to all these requests and transfer my data to third parties? To whom and for what? And what does it all mean?"

Therefore, the Uplify team is going to explain to you what, when and why we collect data and to whom and for which purpose we transfer it.

Manage your channel's extension configuration, including activating extensions

This feature allows Uplify to remotely manage the settings of our extensions that you install. This is necessary so that you can independently change individual settings in these extensions.

! We can not enable or disable extensions on your stream on our own.

Manage Channel Points custom rewards and their redemptions on your channel

An integration with channel points is in beta test. This feature will allow your viewers to receive bonuses/rewards in the future. For example, if the viewer watched your stream for a certain time, then he/she can receive a discount on the product from the sponsor.

Read your list of follows

Uplify needs this for analytics and reporting statistics to sponsors. For instance, what percentage of women and men watch your stream. Using this data, sponsors can choose which streamer's audience suits them best.

Send live Stream Chat and Rooms messages

This option gives us the right to access the settings of the chatbot, which allows it to read and send messages in the chat.

Manage your channel’s polls

Allows us to create surveys for brand-lift type of campaigns.

! Don't worry, Uplify can not send messages on your behalf.

Get a list of all subscribers to your channel and check if a user is subscribed to your channel

This is needed to check if the audience overlaps among streamers. The data is provided to sponsors, so they can decide whether to run sponsorship integrations on your channel or not. 

Obtain your email address

Your email address is only used by Uplify for registration and sending important notifications.

View your channel's Bits information

Sponsors need to view ER metrics to decide whether to run sponsorship integrations on your channel or not.

! We do not store or share information about any donation to your stream.

View your channel's moderation data including Moderators, Bans, Timeouts and Automod settings

Nightbot needs this to function properly.

View your channel's broadcast configuration including extension activations

Required for our widget to work correctly. For example, knowing your broadcast server allows Uplify to optimize sponsorship integrations delivery to you.

View live Stream Chat and Rooms messages

It is required to collect votes for a brand-lift campaign.

Rest assured that we do not share your personal data with third parties. We only show sponsors the statistics they need to make a decision: which streamer's audience overlaps with the brand's target audience or who has a low CTR, which means it's time to stop sponsorship integrations.

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