February 2, 2023


How can an experienced streamer be distinguished from a newbie? A professional streamer will never pass up the chance to improve his presentation. The most practical and fascinating aspects of YouTube, Trovo, and Twitch have been arranged in this post for your benefit.


You've probably seen that you can set the delay mode on Twitch, YouTube, and Trovo from low to high. Simply stated, this will have an impact on how quickly your actions are displayed on the stream. The low mode (1-3 second delays) is the most widely used and optimal, although high still has perks because it not only shields against stream snipers. Since this is a critical necessity for many players, it can also assist handle the frequent issue of constant buffering. If this problem doesn't entirely go away, switching to a high-latency mode will make it considerably less obvious.


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You can use the raid feature to redirect viewers to the channel of another streamer. In the streaming industry, the trend for raids and hosts has exploded in popularity over the past few years. Contrary to popular belief, it is extremely beneficial not just for the person whose place is being raided but also for the raid's organizer. Small streamers typically make raids for the sake of networking, while famous people typically do so to encourage less well-known friends or acquaintances. It's common practice to throw a raid on a bigger streamer so you can stand out and make an effort to make pals. They might want to follow you back or at the very least visit your channel to check what kind of content you create. Everything will now be up to you. Usually, the function may be activated with the /raid command, and it can be customized in certain sections of YouTube, Trovo, or Twitch.


Recently, it has become much more common to find channels whose owners have used the "Followers Only" feature, which restricts chat messages to those who have started following the stream. This function was once primarily used to gather followers and was only occasionally used, but it is now a crucial component of defense against bots and spammers. 10 minutes is indeed the ideal amount of time. Although bots have already figured out how to bypass the "0 minutes" security, a 10-minute cool down is more than sufficient. Remember that this function does not work well with raids though; if a viewer from another channel can't even write "+250," he or she may score and stop watching your channel immediately.


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In other words, joint streams.  For people who enjoy and desire to collaborate with coworkers in “the streamer shop”, this function is quite helpful. This function appears to the audience as if multiple streams have been integrated onto a single interactive page, and each viewer is free to choose which part in the collaboration he will watch. A fantastic chance to "swap" your audience with friends and create interesting content for your stream.

Trovo did a particularly good job of implementing this feature; there is a specific "Squads" tab for it in the broadcast's lower right corner, and streamers can currently establish squads even with strangers online.


A simple yet nice feature for engaging the audience. A useful tool for deciding "what should we play next" or for settling arguments in the conversation. The interactive element is always cool, and with the right approach, it may serve as a crucial tool for content creation. Generally speaking, the /polls command or the author's control panel will allow it.

Apparently, Trovo has not yet made it available.


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Disconnection protection: A fantastic feature that, for some reason, is disabled by default. With this function, you won't have to worry if your Internet connection goes down or other issues come up since your stream will keep running normally and the necessary plug will show up on the screen but only for 90 seconds. In the basic section with stream settings, you can activate safety.

Sending VOD to YouTube: You can send a whole stream recording to your YouTube channel by pressing a single button. How? You connect a YouTube account via "Connections," then choose the entry, and then click "Export." Automatic sending outcomes in the display of a private video file on your channel. Cool, isn’t it?

Channel Scores: A special Twitch feature with a wide range of applications. Fans get points for watching your stream, and you get to decide what they can do with them. For example, they can use their points to preorder games, send personal messages to the streamer, unlock happy faces, make personal appeals, and more. With the appropriate strategy, you can motivate the audience in an entertaining accessible way without having to spend any money on oneself. This tool also allows viewers to wager points on other events that are chosen by the streamer or its moderators, which is another well-liked feature. it is activated with the /predict command.


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Video recorder: One of the platform's best unique features is the ability to rewind or pause an online stream. The "DVR" or "Video Recorder" option is set up in YouTube Studio before the stream even begins.

Privacy settings:  Do you want to arrange a private stream for VIP viewers or discreetly test new settings? The stream on YouTube can be either openly accessible, linkable, or fully closed. It is configured in YouTube Studio when you start the stream.

Q&A: A notoriously useful invention for hosting live chat and Q&A sessions. The streamer will be able to see the questions that fans have recorded in a separate window. Even the way that queries are output to the stream can be configured. It is available by selecting the "+" symbol in the chat section.


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Mana: The currency gained by viewers in their country for watching the show. It can be sent to the streamer, who can use it to launch "rockets" to promote his channel in the top list. Let's spill the beans: encourage folks to conserve mana so you can quickly spend it all and reach the main page. A fantastic feature that is more practical than just entertaining, unlike Twitch channel scores.

Treasure Chest: The ability to arrange sweepstakes with rewards for your audience. The audience must accomplish the challenge and the sort of chest that the streamer chooses, and after a predetermined amount of time, a winner is chosen among the competitors. If you use this feature as regular content on your stream, it offers a lot of options and a lot of interactive potential.

Goals: The ability to set a goal for the number of followers, subs or elixirs spent. Trovo did everything itself, a useful feature that clearly specifies your expectations to viewers, unlike other platforms where streamers must find out how to present this information on their overlay.

Streamers benefit almost always from high levels of competition among streaming platforms since new features that make life easier for streamers and their viewers are constantly being added. Keep up with the most recent YouTube, Trovo, and Twitch updates regularly.

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