Partner integrations with Amazon Prime, Intel, and Gigabyte




November 23, 2022

Partner integrations with Amazon Prime, Intel, and Gigabyte

We continue sharing the best practices and campaigns we launch across all markets, today it’s India. Three recent campaigns in September-October included such big brands as Amazon, Intel and Gigabyte. We are happy and proud that these brands chose us as a solution to their marketing goals. Now let's take a closer look at each case.

Intel Gamer Days

Intel’s goal was to build awareness about Gamer Days, so Uplify provided access to the heart of the target audience through most popular streaming platforms.


This campaign was aimed to promote Gigabyte AORUS Gaming Laptops and it was a perfect match with the audience. Average CTR was 4 times higher than benchmark 🔥

Amazon Prime

The campaign’s goal was to build awareness for Amazon's new sci-fi series Peripheral. We did our part generating 1 mln views 😎

Spoiler: we are currently launching new interactive formats and many more campaigns are coming soon! Get on board with us to launch awesome and effective campaigns. Sign up for Uplify or just write to us at

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