Reaching and Engaging the Gen Z Audience for Taco Bell




May 8, 2023

Reaching and Engaging the Gen Z Audience for Taco Bell

Imagine craving a burrito or taco and wanting it right here, right now. No need to book a flight to Mexico! Taco Bell, a highly popular fast-food brand in the USA and other countries, offers a delectable alternative. India, a nation renowned for its spicy cuisine, has embraced Taco Bell since its first restaurant opened in 2010. The brand continues to expand its presence while frequently launching promotions to entice customers. This spring, Taco Bell offered a chance to win an Xbox, and Uplify was proud to help them achieve their goals.

In collaboration with Taco Bell, we engaged YouTube streamers to attract more customers and leveraged our innovative LeaderBoard banner format. Our value propositions, including ad-block resistance, 100% viewability contributed to the campaign's success. As a result, numerous users participated in the contest to win the Xbox—and some lucky winners have already claimed their prizes!

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