Partner integrations by Elite, Universal Music, C&A and Mousik




January 18, 2023

Partner integrations by Elite, Universal Music, C&A and Mousik

Bom dia do Brasil! We keep expanding our advertising expertise across the world, and certainly we could not miss Brazil with its fast growing market. Four recent sponsorship campaigns in October-December 2022 included such popular and well-known brands as Elite, Universal Music , C&A  and even a promo for an artist Mousik.

We cater to the needs of brands and products of different categories and we know how to help them reach their goals. Now let's take a closer look at each case. 

Eleva Elite

Elite is a leading education center in Brazil with more than 20 years of history. The main goal of the campaign was to raise awareness about its educational services among a younger audience, which we successfully accomplished generating more than 1 mln views.


C&A is one of the biggest retail chains in Brazil with more than 250 shops across the country. The campaign was aimed to promote 2 hot offers for Black Friday, so we engaged more than 300 streamers from different platforms (Twitch, Trovo, YouTube) to do so.

Universal Music

Universal music is one of the most famous music brands and it is a love brand among younger audiences and it was a great move to promote Black month offer on most popular streaming platforms.


Last but not least, we helped to promote a music video “Solta o play! Chapadinha na Gaveta” featured by Mousik on YouTube. Campaign CTR was 2,5 times higher than benchmark 🔥

Soon we will share the first results of our interactive format, so stay tuned 🔥

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